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I was born and raised in Scottsbluff, and I have lived here my entire life. I raised my daughter, Shianne, here too, so she could spend time with my parents and sister.


From paperboy in 2nd grade to gun shop owner today, I have worked a variety of jobs learning about different aspects of life and this city's many facets. When my daughter was born, I decided to start my own business while also working on the family farm to allow for flexibility to spend time with family. After experiencing frustration with the local government and seeing little push back against the growing government, I ran for city council to try to change things for the better. As markets changed in 2013, I opened up my gun shop prioritizing flexibility for family activities. After serving on the city council for 8 years, I decided to step down and pursue other endeavors.

Since Shianne has finished school and is beginning her own path, I've decided to serve at the state level and bring some common sense to Nebraska Legislature. Scottsbluff is important to me and I want to serve at the state level to represent and support what matters most to the people here.

Bringing common sense to Nebraska.

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